The Starfish Story

A wise man was taking a sunrise walk on the beach...

 In the distance he caught sight of a little girl who seemed to be dancing along the waves. As he got closer, he saw the little girl picking up starfish from the sand and tossing them gently back into the ocean.

“What are you doing?” the wise man asked?

“The sun is coming up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them in, they’ll die.”

“But little girl, there are miles and miles of beach with starfish all along the way, you can’t possibly make a difference.”

 The little girl bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it lovingly back into the ocean past the breaking waves, “It made a difference to that one.” She replied.

We are all gifted
 with the power
 the opportunity
to make a difference
in the life of a child
a family
a person.

Benefits to and Individual

Benefits to an Individual

Expect to Receive these Benefits

 You will get back more than you give.
You will be proud of what you are doing.
You will find a new purpose and meaning in your life.

 Just try it
and see for yourself

Follow the four simple steps.

You have the time...

We all have plenty of time to do everything we really want to do. You have the talent, because no special talent is needed. Just do what you are good at. What you enjoy doing.

You don’t need a lot of money.
Only seed money is needed - - - only a small amount.

When you invite others to join with you, on one focused need, you will be surprised at what you can do.

And the Promise...

 You will get back more than you give.


Cash gifts to charities usually do not bring any true satisfaction. We wonder how our gift was used. We question whether we really made a difference. We often give out of a feeling of obligation, or a feeling of guilt if we don’t. We fear that if we give away too much, we will not have enough left. We are often confused because there are so many charities, and once we give to one, more and more ask us to give.

If these ideas reflect some of your own personal feelings about charitable giving in your life then pro-active giving, a new, simple, easy and different approach to charitable giving will change all of this. It will bring to you a new pride and satisfaction in your charitable giving.

When you use this new approach, you will:
* Give to a cause you are passionate about.
* Give some of your time and talent.
* See that you made a difference.

Pro-active giving will satisfy all of three of these conditions
 and you will get back more than you give.

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